It’s all about the Kids – but when do they get a say?

When parents separate, decisions need to be made about the care arrangements for their child or children. Sometimes the parents decide themselves. Sometimes they can’t agree and ultimately a Judge will make that decision based on evidence before the Court. A question commonly asked by separated parents is “Can the kids decide?” Perhaps the reason [...]

My Former Partner / Spouse is relocating: What do I do?

You and the Mother or Father of your children have separated. Since separation, you have shared the care of your children, in one way or another. Your former partner has now told you that they wish to relocate. A number of questions start wildly running through your mind. When will I get to see them? [...]

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You’ve separated: Who Keeps the Fur Baby?

In the recent Federal Circuit Court case of Downey & Beale [citation: Downey & Beale [2017] CCA 316], His Honour Judge Harman was put to task in deciding whether the former Husband or Wife was to keep their pet pooch. After their separation and before the final Court Hearing, the parties had reached an agreement [...]

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